Paige Krämer is mainly a contemporary figurative clay sculptress. Inspired by their experiences as a transgender queer woman, Paige is seeking to bridge human emotions between individuals by posing each of their character’s in a precise moment of tension that is on a tipping point of transformation. A specific object is central to each individual sculpture series, symbolizing and bridging the relatable human experience.

Since recently completing their artist residency at Atelier La Coulee, Paige has now begun branching out their artistic expression using metal to create abstract sculptures. 

Although a self-taught traditional sculptor, Paige Krämer originally came from a digital 3d animation background working in the movie and gaming industry on several highly acclaimed video games and television series as a character animator, texture artist and project manager.

As a self-taught clay sculptress Paige Krämer also gained knowledge from working at two large scale decor studios, which catered to clients such as, Eaton center, Les Alouttes, Le Cirque de Soliel, various casinos, and the movie industry. During that time Paige Krämer also created their own commercial clientele such as Lululemon and Moksha yoga studios creating a series of 10 sculptures in a variety of yoga poses.

No longer working in the commercial industries Paige Krämer is now pursuing their traditional fine arts career full time in figurative and abstract sculpting.