1983-1987-B .A. Sculpture, Academy of Arts and Design Tsinghua University



2010  Merit Award of the Hua Tianyou Award · The Love Of The China Mother Sculpture Competition,

Merit Award of the 2010 China Yellow River Mouth International Sculpture  Competition,-CHINA

2009  Merit Awardof the Joint Exhibition of Representative Sculptors, Beijing, China Fine Art Museum

2008  Fifth Ring Award for Beijing 2008 Olympic Landscape Competition Exhibition,

2006  Merit Award for the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 – China

2005  Merit Award for the "3rd Hebei Quyang International Crave Art Day"

2002  Merit Award for the 2002 Qingdao International Sand Sculpture Competition

1999  “The 9th Chinese National Art  Exhibition 1999”  Awarded Bronze medal, Beijing, China Art Gallery

  Awarded third prize for 3th Prachuab Arts of Sichuan Province China

1996  60 Anniversary Fine Arts Exhibition For Commemorating the Long March Victory of Red Army, Awarded Silver prize , Beijing , China Art Gallery

1995  The 50 Anniversary of the victory of Anti Japanese War”. Awarded Silver Prize, Chengdu, Sichuan Art Museum

1994  Exhibition of “8th National Fine Arts Exhibition” Merit Award for the “Excellent works” Beijing, China Art Gallery


Symposiums, Expositions, Art Public

China, Korea, USA, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Australian, Egypt, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech, Oman, France. India,        Mexico, Finland, Switzerland, Bulgaria



International Stone Sculpture Symposium, -Sichuan China

International 50th Int Symposium Krastaler Marmor, Krastal-Austrian

International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Qingdao -China

International paintings exhibition,-Spain

International paintings exhibition,- Italy


International Stone Sculpture Symposium, - Bulgaria

Sculpture Exhibition, - Art Gallery CHINA

        International paintings exhibition,-Spain


 International Stainless Steel Sculpture Symposium, - Mexico

     International wood Sculpture Symposium, -FINLAND

 《Great mountains and  great Water of Sichuan》Sichuan Art Gallery

International wood Sculpture Symposium, -Switzerland

International Stone Sculpture Symposium, -CHINA

International paintings exhibition in Netherlands.


2014  International Stone Sculpture Symposium, -CHINA

      Sculptures exhibition - CHINA


      International Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, -SPAIN

International Stainless Steel Sculpture Symposium, -MEXICO

International Stone Sculpture Symposium, -INDIA

         International exhibition in Netherlands.


      International Stone Sculpture Symposium, -FRANCE

Qingdao International Symposium of Sculpture,CHINA

4th West Lake International Sculpture Projects Hangzhou, CHINA

First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, CHINA

Five Elements Harmony of Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Beijing gallery                                               

China Wenxuan gallery Exhibition of Sculpture, Chengdu_CHINA

The first international Symposium Muscat ( painting and sculpture)-Oman


Chinese and Korean Sculptress Sculpture Exhibition -CHINA

         Chinese Pose The 2nd China Sculpture Exhibition--CHINA

Gaoyang International Sculpture Symposium 2011,-KOREAN



       China Taizhou International Urban Sculpture Symposium -CHINA

       Korea  China Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition,-KOREA

       Nanjing Rode, Shanghi, Sichuan Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture.-CHINA

       Biennale of International Sculpture Symposium LANDEK 010.- CZECH

 “Tsinghua University Centennial Shui Mu Tsinghua·An International Sculpture Exhibition on Campus. -CHINA

 International Sculpture Garden Exhibition in Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone -CHINA

China Yellow River Mouth International Sculpture Competition,-CHINA

Hua Tianyou Award · The Love Of The China Mother Sculpture Competition.

Aswan  International Sculpture Symposium -EGYPT


 Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum-CHINA

International Symposium of  Sculpture Forma Viva-SLOVENIA

Collection of  works from Urumqi International City Sculpture  Creation Camp, Xinjiang, -CHINA

42nd International Stone Sculpture [ kunstwerk ]krastal -AUSTRIA

Qingdao-Seoul International Sculpture Symposium, -CHINA

5.12 China Wenchuan earthquake disaster anniversary sculpture exhibition, China Art Gallery

“Nonsense” 2009 Contemporary Art Annual Exhibition,Chengdu Tianyi gallery-CHINA

China Korea international Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture,Chengdu_CHINA

Joint Exhibition of Representative Sculptors. China Art Gallery

              5.12 China Wenchuan earthquake disaster anniversary sculpture exhibition,Chengdu-CHINA


 1th.Sculpture Symposium Feixian, Shandong, -CHINA

International Sculpture Projects Hangzhou, -CHINA


Beijing 2008 Olympic Landscape Competition Exhibition, -CHINA

5th. International Sculpture Symposium Balaton-HUNGARY

8th. International Stone Sculpture Symposium Liguano-Udine-ITALY

Olympic Landscape Sculpture -CHINA

Time Impression---China contemporary sculpture exhibition, Shenzhen, -CHINA

Miss Time--- Contemporary Chinese Sculpture Exhibition, Chengdu-CHINA


7th Symposium International wood Sculpture Nimis-Udine-ITALY

17th. International Stone Sculpture Symposium Sardegna – ITALY

2th Symposium International Stone Sculpture Anduins- Udine-ITALY

Wood Sculpture Milistatte AUSTRIA

3th International Symposium of Stone Sculpture  Cercivento-Province of Udine- ITALY

《Matter Circles》Sculpture Show . Suoluo gallery, -CHINA

China's first professional sculptor exhibition, Chengdu,-CHINA

Shanghi Exhibition of International Sculpture. China,Shanghi Sculpture Space -CHINA


《Concord but diversed.》 Qishe Art Gallery. Chengdu, -CHINA

2th China Modern Art Technology, China Millenniun World Art Museum ,-CHINA

4th China Fujian International Sculpture Symposium.  Huian, Fujian ,-CHINA

2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs. -CHINA

Interation exhibition of  Sculpture   “Fondazione ARKAD”.-ITALY

9th Interation Symposium of Stone Sculpture in Friuli Veneziagiulia.